What We Offer

  1. An industry leading compensation plan:

  • The starting salary for a Gochkeys’ Account Executive - a recruiter with no experience - is $40,000.

  • The target first year earnings for a Gochkeys’ Account Executive is $75,000.

  • Senior recruiters - Gochkeys’ G.E.R.O.s - earn 50% (total fee) commissions.

  • Successful Gochkeys’ Team members earn over $1,000,000 in 10 years.


  1. A Defined, Objective, Industry-Leading Training Program:  ProCruitment®

  • Our training program, ProCruitment®, has a protocol for every step of the recruiting process.

  • Your bonus metrics are mutually agreed upon and highly attainable.

  • Your trainers’ compensation is based on your success.

  • Upon completion, you’ll have the skill set to help more than just your clients.


  1. We’ll Teach You How to be a Medical Device Industry Expert.

  • Our training program includes several courses about the medical device industry.

  • You’ll not only become an expert with medical products, but manufacturing processes, clinical research, sales channel development and many other aspects of the concept - production cycle as well.


  1. We’ll Offer and Encourage an Outstanding Work / Life Balance.

  • We firmly believe your ability to make customers happy is tied to your happiness.

  • Because our business is entirely based on the phone, when “flex” days are required our PTO plan allows you to take the time you need.

  • The last Friday of the month we have a wine & cheese party; we have a 4th of July and Holiday Party as well.

  • “Work hard play hard” is our motto.


  1. Defined Career Growth:


  • The Gochkeys’ mission is to teach you a skill set that will allow you to ultimately start your own business, if you like.

  • If you complete our program 10 years from your start date you will have made over $1,000,000.

  • Gochkeys would then love to have you stay on either as an individual contributor or as a senior manager.

  • Or we’ll provide a 25% investment in your Executive Recruiting Firm.