About Us

Based in Chicago, IL and founded in 2007, Gochkeys Professional Services is a boutique executive recruiting firm serving manufacturers in the medical device industry.  

Gochkeys Professional Services exists to help you “Take the Fear Out of Career.”  Our mission is to be the best at three things:


  1. Taking the Fear Out of Hiring:

Hiring the wrong person is time-consuming, bad for morale, and expensive.  Engaging Gochkeys’ Contingency Search is a risk-free way to quickly increase the number of candidates you’re considering, giving you the peace of mind you made the right hiring decision.


  1. Taking the Fear Out of Changing Jobs:

Changing jobs is consistently ranked as one of life’s most stressful experiences.  But when you work with Gochkeys you’ll not only increase the career options available to you, but our training, preparation, and knowledge of the client will drastically increase your odds of success as well.


  1. Taking The Fear Out of Your Recruiting Career:

Interested in joining the fast-paced and rewarding recruiting industry?  Currently an executive recruiter but frustrated your firm can’t measure up?  If you’re ready to take your recruiting to the next level Gochkeys offers an objective training program, a high base salary and lucrative commissions, and a long-term plan to help you either grow with us or start your own business.